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The Saudi Badawi group founded by Sheikh Saeed Nasser Al Badawi a Saudi National, consists of several companies which briefly as follows:

1.International Commercial House was founded 1975 working in the field of commercial agencies.

2.Albadawi Agencies and Contracting Corp, was founded 1980 a specialized institution in the work of general construction years and has implemented many different projects, and also to have several projects in development and investment real estate inside and outside the Kingdom.

3.Arabian Hanil Co,. a Saudi Korean joint venture executed several mega projects in Saudi Arabia with amount more than 4 billion Saudi riyals, one of the project for example, implement a project of King Fahd Military base in Taif City project value of more than 2.8 billion Saudi riyals.

4.Saudi Insulated Walls & Ceilings Factory in Jeddah for the production of insulated heat & cold, sound system (isolated building) where we are the only owners of this system and its distribution in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, the group owns several factories outside the Kingdom for example.

5. Insulated Constructing Factory in state of Kirgizstan in Bishkek City industrial Area (His project dreams resort component of 166 villas on Lake( Aci Cole)

6. Saudi-Jordanian factory for Insulated Construction System Amman (Under Foundation )

7. Saudi Yemen factory for insulated constructing system His project to build (ERTEL City residential project consisting of more than 3000 housing units in the city of Sana’a) Yemen

8. Advance technology Co., was founded in Cairo Arab Republic of Egypt

9. - Albadawi International Group for Investment and Real Estate Development.

10. Emirates Gulf General Contracting Co., Saudi Emirates Company

11. Saudi Morocco factory for insulated constructing system

(Under Foundation )