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1.(38) Villas in Al.Hizzam Al.Zahabi ( Dammam )

2.(32) Villas for Sunset company in Jobil

3.Arabian Hanil employees Compound for (Rabigh cement factory)

4.Dorrah Jeddah Hotel interior and exterior partition walls area of about 8000 m2

5.Dania market center Wonder land Theatre .Jeddah

6.Jeddah eye hospital extension



7.Jeddah United doctors hospital extension

8.Villa in the north Obhor (Jeddah)

9.Prince \ Faysal ibn Saoud ibn Mohammed`s Villa (Jeddah)

10.3000 m2 Said ibn Jobair secandary School kilo 14 – old Mecca road

11.2800 m2 School in Safa district (provide school) .Jeddah

12.Showroom al.Siteen street - Jeddah

13.Villa in Mohamadyah district - Jeddah

14.Compound from three Villas in al.khaldyah district (Jeddah)

15.Compound for sheikh \ Khalid  al.jabber al.sobbah`s in Kuwait

16.Al.Harthi trading center in Saltanet of Oman

17.Villa in al.Baha

18.Offices in al.Ain (U.A.E)

19.(12) Villas addition Second floor for king Fahid housing Rosayfa (Mecca)

20.Insulation work for Al.Mohamadya Blaza opposite to Hayat regency Hotel Jeddah

21.Establishing of 3200 house in Al.Tour city south Sinaa (Egypt)

22.3200 m2 Alef Layalh Banquette Hall (Jeddah)

23.Housing Building in Jeddah

24.Number of Villas project in U.A.E

25.Al.bsatin Banquette hall Al.Bahha

26.Two Villa project in the King road (Jeddah)

27.Banquette Hall and Showrooms area 10000 m2 end of Al.Siteen street (Jeddah)

28.Showrooms palastine street (phone center) – Jeddah

29.Banquette Hall area 4000 m2 west of al.madinah street behind of Herra commercial center – Jeddah

30.Production hall area 2000 m2 east of  Al.madinah street .

31.King Abdul Aziz civilized center and great prince Sultan hall project

Albaha .area 7000 m2