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Double Bearing Panel

Building technology and economical aspects that represent the peculiarity of the Saudi NIDYON system, compared to the traditional one and to heavy prefabrication methods, may be summarized as follows:

2-1 A standard ” Saudi NIDYON ” panel is flexible; it allows easy adaptation to the architectural needs of the project, allowing the execution of every plane or bent wall and roofing.

It also presents a very good workability even during the erection, (before the application of concrete), thus allowing to easily obtain the shapes of the rooms required and for the embedding networks of plumbing and electrical installations as well as for openings of whatever shapes for windows, doors, etc..

In this way, the final application of concrete with the addition of reinforcement nets where required, grants the perfect hiding of the networks as well as ensuring the “monolithic” structure of the wall. This is a great advantage in terms of time and quality of execution.

2-2 Compared with the typical, heavy, prefabricated panels the ” Saudi NIDYON ” elements, with their weight between 4 and 10 kg/sq.m approx. remain “light” up until their erection – then concrete is applied in order to complete the static function of the panel.

This characteristic allows an easy handling of the panels all through the working phases: from production to erection. This means that the work may be carried out manually by the workers without using any other equipment.

Moreover, transportation to the site allows the use of light equipment – this means a panel delivery cost not comparable with the heavy R.C. pre cast panels.

2-3 The erection of ” Saudi NIDYON” panels and their finishing phase through to the addition of structural concrete only need simple alignment and propping as well as using only common equipment, which are of easy implementation even by non-skilled workers. For instance, the addition of concrete on the outside surfaces of wall panels and on the intrados of decks and roofing may be carried out either by directly spraying the mortar, which is contained in a portable hopper or by a normal air-compressor in case the concrete turbo pump is not available for such applications.

2-4 The panel design, as well as the distribution of net wires and the cutting profile of the expanded Polystyrene allow, better than other similar solutions, the optimization of the quantity of structural components such as steel and concrete as well as their correct and mutual position inside the R.C. thickness.

2-5 The structure of a building carried out with the” Saudi NIDYON ” system can be really recognized as “monolithic” if compared with the traditional structures.

The structural continuity among the horizontal and vertical elements which delimit the rooms is assured by reinforced nets. These nets are embedded in the concrete applied in the finishing phase.

Such a characteristic offers great advantages of resistance to the structural “joints” behavior in case of typical dynamic actions such as a seismic force.

The concept of “monolithicity” can certainly be extended to the global characteristics of building thermal insulation. These structures are free of heat conduction points because of the continuous presence of the insulating material on all the surfaces which come into contact with the outside.

2-6 Generally speaking, the “Saudi NIDYON” system requires a continuous foundation, with a more rational distribution of vertical loads along the bearing perimeter and with great advantages on costs, particularly in case of one-storey buildings.

2-7 The erection of ” Saudi NIDYON ” elements is simplified, thus allowing the execution of both structural functions and thermal insulation at the same time.

Particularly, in case of double Panel walls (“DW” type), the “EPS” slabs, which are placed between the reinforcing nets, allow the best solution, as “lost forms” for the concrete casting of the wall core, thus avoiding the handling and use of normal fom1-works.

A further simplification is obtained in the case of one-storey building, as the construction of walls and roofs using only one type of Single Panel is possible.

2-8 The “EPS” panel can be correctly sized in thickness and density, so as to easily satisfy the conditions of housing comfort required by different weather conditions in the different countries.

When required (particularly in cold countries), the realization of a ” vapour barrier ” through the application of compatible paints, on the Surface of the “EPS” panel does not represent any particular difficulty.

Finally, the “Saudi NIDYON” system represents the best solution in terms of structural requirements and “housing comfort”, as well as of economic advantages which also include living costs.

In fact, when the local weather conditions requires the installation and the use of a heating system and/or air-conditioning, the contribution of the insulating power as to the energy saving win be remarkable.