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Double Bearing Panel

Double Bearing Panels

It consist of two basic panels, suitably shaped and joined one another by double horizontal connectors, inside of which is an air space to be filled with concrete having suitable characteristics and strength. The thickness of concrete casting inside the double panel as well as the characteristics of the concrete itself vary accoring to structure requirements.

The double panel equipped with a reinforment certified by an official Laboratory.

Single Bearing Panels

Single Bearing Panels

As a load bearing structure upto four multi-storey building, with structure platering on the two surface for partition walls and curtain walls, in building either new or to be restored for curtain and partition walls in large industrial and commercial buildings.

As a disposable insulating formwork for roofs and floors of small sized spans with or without pre-cast ribs.

Floor Panel

Floor Panels

Floor Panels used in the construction of large sized span floors by placing integrative steel in the spaces moulded for this purpose (bar joists) and casting concrete.

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